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Save the Date: 2024 Iron Soldiers SWIMRUN Saturday July 13, 2024

Honors: Fallen Warrior SPC David. P. Mahlenbrock of Maple Shade, NJ

Who we Are 

Philadelphia Treats for Troops is a grassroots organization out of Philadelphia that sends carepacks to our brave servicemen and women overseas in an effort to boost their morale in a time of need.

What We Do

What We Do

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What We Do

What We Do

Insert Description of what we do

What We Do

What We Do

Insert Description of what we do

What We Do

What We Do

Insert Description of what we do.

What we do

Philadelphia Treats for Troops has sent over 5,000 carepackages to the brave men and women overseas. 

Often times these soldiers do not have the basic necessities we have grown accustomed to in our day to day lives.  Treats for Troops strives to provide our servicemen and women these basic needs along with other necessities. 

Our carepacks contain basic toiletries as well as food, supplies, letters, magazines, and games to boost the soldiers’ morale while overseas.  

Our Impact 

CPT, Jason Parker 

We were really delighted when we opened them. These are truly the best care packages that we have received and are grateful for your time and efforts. These care packages reminded us of why we continue to make the sacrifices of creature comforts and time with our families.

Lieutenant Colonel, Tim Brennan

It's not just about sending a box, but the thought and care to say, 'we remember you and want you to know it.' It’s the little note that I received from Jamie, in one of our boxes from ‘Treats for Troops’ that means the most.

MAJ, Ian Cairns 

Your generous box was envious of most soldiers especially to those sitting around me.  A smile crept across the faces of the young soldiers when I told them they all can share in this gift from Philadelphia Treats for Troops. 

2023 Holiday Treats Drive 

Our volunteers sent over 130 care packs during this years' holiday event.  Check us out on Fox Below!

Join our list of volunteers, we'll keep you in the loop of any upcoming events and promise not to spam you.

Thanks for supporting our Troops!

   How it all started.


February 2006, I was reading an article about the heroics of an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team leader US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Michael Burghardt, known to everyone as Gunny Burghardt. Please take a few minutes and continue to read about Gunny Burghardt and how Main Line Troop Support aka Philadelphia Treats for Troops started... Continue Reading 

Featured On The Today Show

See Us in Action 
2019 Treats for Troops Holiday Event 

Oliver North Thanks Philadelphia Treats For Troops

Oliver North Thanks Philadelphia Treats For Troops

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A Special Guest Drops in for a BIG Thank You!

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